Peggy McFarland

Location Nashua, NH
Occupation Restaurant manager

About Me

Wish I had something clever or illuminating to add, but I'm just a regular person living a regular life. My kids, though, are awesome.

Why do you write?

Most of my ideas come to me while I'm driving, but sometimes, an odd statement or a vivid person opens up a new pathway in my brain and a story idea emerges.

Being inside a story is the greatest place to be. Wish I could spend more time inside.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Stephen King, Tom Robbins, Carl Hiassin, John Irving, Orson Scott Card, Lief Enger, Sue Grafton, Jean Auel off the top of my head. Later, I'll think: shoot! how'd I forget that writer!

Peggy McFarland's Wall

Christian Bell – Jul 23, 2010

Peggy, thanks for reading and commenting on "Human Thesaurus." Nice hearing from you!

Linda Simoni-Wastila – Apr 28, 2010

Pegs! Welcome to fn! So glad to see you here. Peace...

Myra King – Apr 24, 2010

Hi Peggy. Welcome.

Darryl Price – Apr 23, 2010

Entertaining blog, Peg. Welcome.

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