Scott A. Nicholson

Location New Orleans, LA
Occupation Writer/Poet

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    Scott A. Nicholson, 2012.

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    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012.

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  • About Me

    Scott A. Nicholson was born on the outskirts of Los Angeles where he explored the greater area from a cluttered outpost amongst its vast valleys. He moved to New Orleans to be inspired by the music of the city and its gritty inhabitants, where he has found a hobby and delirious comfort in marrying the classic styles of meter & rhyme with the contemporary voices of blank verse whilst pursuing his true passion of collecting and carpeting the floors with literary agent form rejection letters. Unpublished on paper but willing to try new things, he is survived by a Parker click-retractable pen.

    His poetry has been featured in New Orleans and the San Fernando Valley, and collected in the chapbooks The Odd Eye Sees and Uncanny Valley, Goodbye. Amongst his current projects is a spoken-word and improvised musical endeavor, existing under the moniker of No Hand Jiving.

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    Myra King – Apr 08, 2010

    Great bio, very witty. Had a good chuckle about the click-retractable pen!

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