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Occupation union organizer

About Me

After studying law Melissa Chadburn obtained an MFA from Antioch University. She is a lover and a fighter, a union rep, a social arsonist, a writer, a lesbian, of color, smart, edgy and fun. Her work has appeared or is upcoming in Guernica, Splinter Generation, Little Episodes, PANK Magazine,Battered Suitcase and elsewhere. She is of African, Asian, Hispanic, Filipina, and Irish descent, and was raised by Dutch/Indonesian and British foster parents. Her mixed background has made her aware of racial and cultural differences and similarities which influence her writing. She loves pit bulls and cheese. Reach her at fictiongrrrl(at) or follow her on twitter!/melissachadburn or get ripped open at She loves you very very much.

Why do you write?

Good days and bad days fuel my creativity. I write because I can.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Favorite authors:
Kurt Vonnegut
Toni Morrison
Alice Walker
Tim O'Brien
Junot Diaz
Favorite Books:
Whatever I read last...

Melissa Ann Chadburn's Wall

Sakena Patterson – Apr 30, 2012

You rock <3

Marcela Fuentes – Jan 28, 2011

Thanks very much for your kind words on my story!

Susan Tepper – Jan 24, 2011

Melissa thanks so much for liking "the world will end on june 17" I appreciate that, and hope you are doing well!

Cherise Wolas – Dec 04, 2010

Thanks for your lovely read on Ping Pong, greatly appreciated!

Kathy Fish – Nov 11, 2010

Thanks so much for reading and responding to "Moro" Melissa! I look forward to reading your work.

Susan Tepper – Aug 07, 2010

Melissa, birds nest soup has a broth and a real bird nest. I have seen it eaten by my Chinese friends who declare it a delicacy. But not for me, thanks... I'm glad you liked Organic BJ's

Gary Percesepe – Aug 06, 2010

so cool to see tha tyou are an organizer--

me too, have been for years

currently education, org called prepare the future ohio

did i already tell you this? cannot remember--

check us out

peace out,


Michelle Elvy – Jul 19, 2010

Now THAT is quite a compliment! Thanks for the read on Bedtime Story, Melissa! Much appreciated. :)

Michelle Elvy – Jun 22, 2010

thank you so much for sharing your comments on my story, X. Your comment really means a lot to me. Loss is a powerful, terrible thing, but it can move us to write beautifully sometimes too. I only hope to do that -- and I feel so much from reading others who do it well. I really appreciate your read, Melissa.

Michelle Elvy – May 27, 2010

Hey Melissa -- I've been enjoying your 60 word stories here. You do know that for the 52|250 challenge you have the luxury of 190 more, right? :)

Seth Fischer – May 24, 2010

Okay, I finally decided to take my own advice and get on this thing. So here I am!

Julie Innis – May 14, 2010

Melissa - thank you and welcome! As soon as I make it to the end of this semester, I'm hoping to catch up with my reading here and your work is at the top of my list.

Cherise Wolas – May 10, 2010

Hi Melissa, and welcome. I'm fairly new to fictionaut too. I look forward to reading your work. Thanks for the fav and comment on Things I Should Have Done - #3.

#1, #2 and #4 in this series (thus far) are up here as well. If you have a chance...

Matthew A. Hamilton – May 03, 2010

Thank you for reading and commenting on My Rice Krispies Treat and giving it a fav. I'm enjoying your writing as well. Very impressed.

Darryl Price – May 02, 2010

Welcome. It's an honor to have you here with us. Go for it.

Myra King – Apr 24, 2010

Welcome Melissa. Looking forward to reading some of your stories.

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