Sleeping Beauty Left on Plane

by Jerry Ratch



Sleeping Beauty was left sleeping on a plane

They tried to wake her but couldn't

so they locked her in for the night


When she got up in the middle of the night

she was completely disoriented

and staggered up the aisle to the bathroom

to take a pee in a tiny little closet


“Where am I?” she kept whining “Where am I?”

Ordinarily Sleeping Beauty did not whine

so you can understand how extraordinary

the circumstances


After finding herself locked in the plane

she sat down in the pilot's seat

and began pushing buttons and fondling

the controls


Suddenly the engines fired up

She taxied that puppy out onto the runway

and radioed the control tower

“Control Tower? This is Sleeping Beauty.

Permission to take off?”


“Yeah, right,” was all they said from the tower

They were smoking a giant doobie

because it was the middle of the night

and it seemed like the planet had stopped spinning

Also they thought someone was joking

until Sleeping Beauty powered up and took off


“Okay, May Day, May Day, we got Sleeping Beauty

circling over Manhattan and don't know

how to get her down! May Day! May Day!”


“Tell her to splash down in the Hudson River,”

said an unknown voice over the intercom

probably her handsome prince in a rowboat below

“It's been done before. Don't worry. Piece of cake.

But next time watch out for the Magic Geese.”