I'm Feeling the Monkey Around Your Neck Isn't Quite Listening

by Darryl Price

The sky's hand's so big and
so vast that it takes our
huge sun at the end of
day and squeezes it down
to a perfect diamond--
just like Superman
with a lump of coal-- poof!--
obliterates it. Gone.

Next day it's seen floating
'round everywhere again
like an inflatable
beach ball.I can make that
one word if I want to--
this isn't scrabble you
know. All of which points us
to the point. I can make

that a period. Let
go of me. Just listen.
There's a tune out there taking its
own particular time
to pitch a note just for you. It wants
obviously to please
you. Personally I
don't care. I only want

to know when to give my
sad slide the flesh and blood
it so desires. It's
a harsh universe. What's
that you're always saying
to me? Christ if I actually
believed that
was all there was to this

breathing I would exhale
only.Here is something
taking shape in space just for you. And
there is no other you.
Damn the critics to a
lashing hell of their own
sour tongues. I can't make it
last one minute longer

or go off the final
rail any shorter than
it takes.Okay it will
on the surface appear
to be nothing more than
words. Granted oh wise one.
But so do a lot of
things. Figure it out. What

I mean to say is I 
hope there's more to this than
that. Why don't we sit back
and see what dreams happen
next?I'm glad you're here. There.
I guess it all comes down
to mundane seating arrangements
after all, dear one. 

Bonus poems:

We Are Not Those Responsible 

for planes that lose their
precious bombs like someone's been

careless in spitting one rotten
tooth after bloody rotten tooth
all over the greenest of

forest grounds like saliva covered
seeds with no more thought
to the consequences below the

radar than to the awakening
hunger pangs of yet another
dying day for the poor

disfigured animals who used to
be gently drinking children or
for the murder of ancient

and wise guardian trees in
the night for starved dogs
who forever must endure their torturers

September 12, Lucky Number challenge

My lucky number is mushroom.
My lucky number is bat. My
lucky number is pear. My lucky
number is Milky Way. My

lucky number is cricket. is
cloud. is seahorse. Is learning a
lucky number? I think it is.
My lucky number is waterfall.

My lucky number is dragon--
which is timeless but also maybe
untameable so really it
just might zero things out. My next

lucky number is daughter. Then
there's the poem--in which we are all
allowed to say I'll get that right over to you
out loud and mean it. You'll say it's love.

P.S. My lucky number is
mercy. My lucky number is
Beatle. My lucky ones come with
their own regiment of angels.