Molly Keegan Kuhn

Location Slippery Rock
Occupation writer/ barista/ student of CW/ ART/SOUL

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J. Mykell Collinz – Jun 08, 2010

Molly, your comment on my wall about ups and downs and the irony of reading the one while hearing the other at the exact same time: I'm glad you decided to tell me that. It adds to who you are in my mind. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work.

Myra King – Jun 08, 2010

Thanks, Molly.

Stephen Carter – Jun 07, 2010

Hi Molly -- just clicked on your link. Some really cool pictures.



Gary Percesepe – Apr 28, 2010


that is really an amazing blog you have there--

lovely, really--

artful, in the best sense--



A. Pseudonym – Apr 16, 2010

Yeah, "Benjamin" is a compromise. I dislike anonymity but find it expedient. Plus, I couldn't think of a pseudonym that didn't sound like a pseudonym.

A. Pseudonym – Apr 13, 2010

Also, your blog is awesome.

A. Pseudonym – Apr 12, 2010

Hi Molly - really enjoyed "CONFLATE." Welcome!

Darryl Price – Apr 09, 2010

Hi Molly--welcome to Fictionaut.

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