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David Erlewine – Oct 06, 2009

Ha ha, laughing at my Mar 05 post. I'm always thinking I'll get to stuff before I do. I've mainly read ss this year but man your novel delivers. Thanks for the Facebook post, dude, sorry to hear about the rabbit punches. Saw it on the way out the door this morning so couldn't reply. Glad my comments were well received. I will be picturing James Dearborn in that get-up for a long long time. Fuck.

David Erlewine – Mar 18, 2009

Nick, thank you kindly for faving A Vague Recollection. I've had about 15 versions of it in my head for years. Nice to see it finally published.

David Erlewine – Mar 05, 2009

Great interview in Bookslut, Nick. I just looked it up after reading your story here. Barry was telling me how great FIRES was in January. I am going to read it this weekend. I'll probably blow my load (ha ha, bookslut interviewers are great).

Nick Antosca – Jan 08, 2009

wow... thanks man!

barry graham – Jan 08, 2009

nick, my man. i finished FIRES last week. holy shit. great stuff. thanks again for sending it, i appreciate it. that ending with the fire.... i better not in case others havent read. i just wanna say thats in the top 3 best fucking endings ive ever read.

amazing. thanks again.

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