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I don't know.

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DFW, Dogen, Delillo, Lydia Davis, Thomas Bernhard, Joy Williams, Hemingway, Denis Johnson, Jane Bowles, Frederick and Steven Barthelme, Jean Rhys, Basho, Gordon Lish, Hakuin, Yasunari Kawabata, PKD, James Salter, David Mitchell, Susan Minot, Peter Matthiessen, Leve, Tao Lin, Suzuki not DT.

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David Erlewine – Oct 19, 2009

dude! thx for the wall post. ha, yeah, i was just typing gibberish, though trying to write something halfway storylike! thanks for checking it out, man, and reaching out. keep at that novel, dude. d

Cynthia Reeser – Oct 15, 2009

Welcome to the Prick of the Spindle group. It's good to have you with us.

David Erlewine – Oct 14, 2009

hey man, love yackballs and can't wait to read your novelesqe piece. also, yeah, i think the msnbc piece is "out of rotation" - hopefully it will be archived? if so, i'll send you a link. great seeing you around here. d

David Erlewine – Oct 14, 2009

hola, hope you post your Prick of the Spindle piece and then cross-post in their office. That story is amazing.

Meg Pokrass – Oct 04, 2009

Alan, thank you for your kind comments on my story Damn Sure Right - how is it i just saw them? Oh well, thank you so very much!

Zack Wentz – Oct 04, 2009

Hello, Alan--

Yes, check out Pancake. He was an interesting writer. Only one, slim volume of stories out. Poor guy killed himself before he managed to get much published. Like Toole, his success came posthumously. Fond of Padgett Powell or Barry Hannah? Could imagine you digging those dudes as well.


David Erlewine – Sep 15, 2009

ah, gotcha, the paper submissions! Man, I need to try some of that again. I am strictly an e-sub sort of guy these days, but I shouldn't let that stop me from subbing to places that require paper subs.

Good luck with everything. Hope you can post some stuff on here down the road. Still picture that turkey getting "Norwooded" instead of through the uprights. Classic image. David

David Erlewine – Sep 11, 2009

bring some more heat!

David Erlewine – Jul 27, 2009

Hey man, how goes it? Any more of Meridian to post?

David Erlewine – Jun 24, 2009

Brilliant story in Prick of the Spindle. DAMN. So many great lines. I hyped it up to a zoetrope office I'm in. I love the grand gestures angle. Brilliant.

Lauren Becker – May 03, 2009

thank you for contributing to the weirdness that is my wall. i'm totally rolling with it. i am hoping for new comments, such as "the scarf you are wearing in your picture creates the illusion that you have a very short neck," and "i hope that you will write a story about a platonic competition for sitting on your lap. i promise i will mark it as a favorite." i'm sure you can do better than those -- i'll look forward to seeing your efforts!

Lauren Becker – Apr 29, 2009

hey alan: thanks for writing nice stuff about my stories. just wanted to memorialize that on your wall since people (i.e. barry) only put weird stuff on mine. anyway, you are very generous with the compliments and you are seriously welcome to use those lines. no stealing necessary. just a shout-out in your pulitzer for literature speech. deal?

Vallie Lynn Watson – Apr 28, 2009

still in the burg. crazy year. finally have time to check out fictionaut. graduate in 9 days and after that, jobless! good times. how's TN?

David Erlewine – Apr 25, 2009

great blog dude. just linked it on mine. your current post about certain words is great.

David Erlewine – Apr 16, 2009

hey man, check out the revised marionettes if ya can. curious what you think of the Steve Himmer-inspired edits (along with the helpful edits you provided to get me going on the right track). thanks man. david

David Erlewine – Apr 10, 2009

thanks for your comments on "flares". it just got accepted!

Rachel Yoder – Apr 09, 2009

oh man, i had to delete "creatures" because it's getting published (!!). I thought this was the polite thing to do, but felt sad seeing all the nice comments go away, too. anyway, it's a finalist in Opium's 500-word memoir contest and coming out in next issue (may). I will just have to write more, i guess. it never ends, huh?

Ethel Rohan – Apr 04, 2009

Alan, thanks so much for your kind comments on "Cracking Open." I really appreciate it. Congratulations on your own endeavors and accomplishments. Well done!

Meg Pokrass – Apr 02, 2009

thank you. I'm so glad you like the blog. I hope people use the prompts! They don't tell me...

Meg Pokrass – Apr 01, 2009

Thank you, Alan for favoriting Damn Sure Right and for your comment. I'm glad you got what i was trying to accomplish w/ the detachment. That makes me happy.

Daniel Crocker – Mar 28, 2009

Thanks Alan. It's an old one, but I still sort of like it.

Lydia Copeland – Mar 27, 2009

Ha! I got my bachelor's degree at ETSU and my master's at the Center for Writers. Small world. I'm in New Jersey now, but I really miss East TN and the South in general. Do you know John Morefield?

David Erlewine – Mar 27, 2009

thanks man! GREAT comments to my new story. Definitely help a lot.

Lauren Becker – Mar 21, 2009

thanks for your nice comments on the hamburger story. i read 3 miss. fictions in hobart and loved it -- so happy to see you here so i won't miss your stuff!

(you have a lot of cats).

Daniel Crocker – Mar 20, 2009

finishing up...sorta

David Erlewine – Mar 19, 2009

by the way, great story up in Elimae. Glad to be in the issue with you. Your story crushes. Give him more room to eat, please, his mother said to her. Beauty!

David Erlewine – Mar 19, 2009

Thanks, Alan, I really appeciate the kind words about my stories. Very cool. Looking forward to reading more of your great stuff. David

Rachel Yoder – Mar 18, 2009

Hi Alan! Thanks for the comment on Creatures. I'm glad you laughed at that line. It's ridiculous.

Looking forward to reading more of your stuff here (and elsewhere)!

barry graham – Mar 18, 2009

thanks for checking out dickey dew.

im a huge fan of hobart and a huge fan of your story.

great stuff.

David Erlewine – Mar 18, 2009

I feel sort of sick if I don't write, though.

F, I wish I'd written that (or better yet, ever even contemplated phrasing it like that). Nicely played, sir.

NineSevenOne MENU – Mar 13, 2009

the king will fall to a stray arrow
so many arrows

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