Sam Ruddick

Location Brighton, MA
Occupation pre

About Me

Fiction writer. Sometimes poet. Work has appeared in Glimmer Train, The Threepenny Review, Prairie Fire, other places. Short story, "Leak," was in 2012 O. Henry Prize Winners anthology. Won Henfield Prize in 2007, Joan Johnson Award in 2008. Currently trying to sell my first novel.

Once worked in a car wash. Wasn't very good at it.

Why do you write?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Pinter. Beckett. Sophocles. Chekhov. Maugham. Coetzee. Faulkner. Rhys. Hemingway. Eliot. Pound. Balzac. Bukowski. Bronte (Emily). Barthelme (Frederick, Steven, Donald). Donne. Myself. My wife (Deja Earley).

Sam Ruddick's Wall

Elizabeth Hegwood – Sep 27, 2009

Ditto. Post more!

Elizabeth Hegwood – Sep 26, 2009

Hi Sam.

I'm afraid of Facebook but I like this.

Vallie Lynn Watson – Apr 28, 2009

what alan said. now i have a moment to breathe. lots of moments, actually, since i'm unemployed. y'all still hiring?

Alan Rossi – Mar 18, 2009

sam, i'm finally on fictionaut trying to do things. thanks for the invite forever ago. i like it.

NineSevenOne MENU – Mar 13, 2009

happy birthday sam

Timothy Gager – Jan 03, 2009

It meets monthly and it's more of a house party with readings..

Here's the site for info

I've had a lot of good people.

Timothy Gager – Jan 03, 2009

Yes. Have we met? Ever been to the Dire Series in Cambridge?

Timothy Gager – Jan 03, 2009


Cool you pointed that out in my story and much thanks. There are question marks in those spots but for some reason they show up here as g-damn dashes.


David Erlewine – Jan 02, 2009

Hi Sam! Nice to be in touch. LOVE the Shining shout-out.

Kim Chinquee – Dec 29, 2008

Hi Sam,
Thank you for the wall note, for those nice kinds words. It's good to meet you.

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