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Location Raleigh, Mississippi
Occupation Author of Thus Spake Gigolo

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    NYQ Books, 2014.
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    Scott Bailey, author of Thus Spake Gigolo, grew up in Raleigh, Mississippi, the former home of the National Tobacco Spitting Contest, and he comes from a family of preachers and carpenters. His poems have appeared in journals, such as "The Adirondack Review," "Cortland Review," "Exquisite Corpse," "The Journal," "Meridian," "New York Quarterly," and "Verse Daily." His degrees include a B.A. in English, Summa Cum Laude, an M.A. in Creative Writing from the College of Arts & Letters, The University of Southern Mississippi, an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from New York University, and a Ph.D. in English from Florida State University. He has received fellowships from Florida State University, The Mississippi Arts Commission, New York University, and The Valparaiso Foundation in Spain.

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    Scott Bailey – Feb 12, 2015

    Hello Fictionaut Friends. I'm back with some good news. My collection of poems, Thus Spake Gigolo, is now available, published by NYQ Books.

    A synopsis is below:

    |Synopsis |

    This collection of poems charts the course of a speaker coming-of-age in rural South Mississippi, a world that is sublime and terrifying, but these poems are not limited to one landscape, region or approach. If this collection has a hero, it is Gigolo who confesses his hand-bitten tale of survival, navigating the difficulties of his inevitable frail natures, holding his fist up to what he dreams and lives for. He speaks of the wounds that must be spoken of. He speaks of the correspondence of nature, the marvels of nature. He perseveres adversity, he celebrates adversity, he portrays a speaker's evolution—whole yet broken, dying yet loving—alive at its end.

    S.H. Gall – Nov 25, 2009

    Love the hat!

    Sam Ruddick – Jan 03, 2009

    grettings! hey. don't know you but i think i've heard of you. also went to usm.

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