We Must Save Ourselves

by Scott Bailey

We Must Save Ourselves 

I'm looking for my savior on subways,

Is he this man pushing half himself  

On a skate board, from car to car, 

Singing I have no Legs, I have no Legs, 

I'm looking for my savior in coffee shops 

Of contemplation and sober hook-ups,

I'm reading the Tao de Ching, 

Well, I'm reading the Tao of Pooh,

I'm looking for my savior in the waiting room 

Of my psychiatrist, is he this autistic child 

Chastising a middle-aged woman, 

Gosh, you're fat, really fat, do you know that,

I'm looking for my savior in the checkout line, 

Is he this screaming toddler in a buggy, 

Slapped, spanked then consoled with sugar,

This wife back-talking her deadbeat husband,

Shit! You a damn lie, yo black ass b keeping d kids tonight,

I'm looking for my savior outside liquor stores,

Is he this man soliciting pity for a fix, 

Bro, can you help a bro out, my back tire's flat,

I'm looking for my savior in the country, 

Is he that suicidal heifer in the middle of the dirt road, 

Chewing cud like no man's business,

I'm looking for my savior in two lanes, three lanes, 

Four lanes, five lanes, six lanes, seven lanes, O holler,

Is he this guy driving a Mini-Cooper

With a gun-rack, deer horns on the hood, 

His bumper sticker Gay for Pay, Whatever Way,

I'm looking for my savior among night terrors 

And nocturnal emissions, during awkward, 

Intolerable moments, like when I invite a friend 

Of a friend to a friend's party, and he 

Gets smashed, talks about his problems all night, 

Then indignant when called out on his behavior,

An awkward moment, indeed, when I realize, 

The next day, that I was that asshole, 

That self-appointed Eeyore of the evening,

I'm looking for my savior in office buildings, 

Is he this night janitor polishing the floors,

Singing It's a Mean Old World to live in,

I'm looking for my savior from within, 

Is he that grey matter buried in grooves, 

Is he what's happening in the hypothalamus,

Is he that voice promising to make it all better,

That drum stirring the living from their sleep,

That calm & final knock on the door,

Is my savior out there, here in this crowd,

If so, stand, introduce yourself, be proud

To pay my tab, to pay my rent, pay off 

My student loans, buy me a home, a home 

In my name, paid for, paid in full, not just 

Any home, one that I can call my own.