Joe Bardin

Location Scottsdale, AZ
Occupation Writer

About Me

I'm a writer based in Scottsdale, AZ. My has appeared in Ritz-Carlton Magazine, Feng Shui (London), Phoenix Magazine, Dignified Devil and Arizona Republic, among others.

I'm writing a book about my interesting life entitled LifeUrge: A Memoir of Transformation.

Why do you write?

Writing strums strings that nothing else does.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I like Nabakov, Salter, Borges,and many many others, but no favorites.

Joe Bardin's Wall

Robert Vaughan – Jun 03, 2010

Hey Joe, saw your postings elsewhere and just wanted to say I like your style. Also, glad you are here on Fictionaut!

Sara – Feb 01, 2010

oh, and i look forward to reading your work!

Sara – Feb 01, 2010

Joe, thanks so much for reading -- and for your comments on "Jew." i guess the title was intended to function on a couple levels -- most directly, it refers to her Tay-Sachs baby (T.S. being typically a "Jewish disease.") then, in a more xenophobic way, it echoes the suggestion that the shopkeeper -- this other, this stranger -- has Semitic blood, is Jewish too (like her son, who isn't but is). and then finally, as set up by the last sentence of the piece, it is meant to reflect inward, as if, this stranger and this baby, both of whom are foreign (in different ways), are at the end of the day, rooted in herself. does that make any sense? the original title of it was "the stranger" -- perhaps that would have worked better?

David Erlewine – Aug 13, 2009

Joe, my pleasure about your excerpt. Greatly enjoyed it, obviously. Keep at the novel, man, I need to follow suit. David

Darryl Price – Jul 10, 2009

Hi Joe. It's good that you're here.

Laura Ellen Scott – Jun 19, 2009

hi joe--thank you for you comments on my 'scrap'--it's a huge relief to know when something works.just took a quick look at your website. Novel in progress? cool, I'll try to check out some entries.



Kathy Fish – May 24, 2009

Hi Joe, thanks for the comments about "The Hollow." I like the idea of creating a longer work from the characters. Cheers, Kathy

Brandon Hobson – May 24, 2009

Thanks for the nice words about "Other Rooms." Much appreciated.

Gary Percesepe – May 23, 2009

hi joe,

thanks for the good word on "gail."

i'm a big nabokov fan, too.

all best,


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