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About Me

I graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2012 with an MA in Writing. I'm originally from New England, but now live in the Mid-Atlantic with my husband, a dog, and two cats. My story "Old Ghosts" was shortlisted for The Fiction Desk's 2013 Ghost Story competition.

Published stories:

"Curb Appeal", Bluestem Magazine
"We Were Brother and Sister Then", Wilderness House Literary Review
"Six-Shooter", Gargoyle Magazine (#59)
"Old Ghosts", The Fiction Desk: New Ghost Stories (13 Dec 2013)

Why do you write?

I write because I can. I write because my high school English teacher didn't like my original short story and basically told me I couldn't write worth a damn. I am a stubborn, willful woman who loves to prove people wrong. Revenge is a dish best served cold, with a side of apple pie.

Any favorite authors? Books?

There are really too many favorites to mention. I can probably talk about the few I don't like easier than those I do like, but I won't--because that's just not nice. Writing is art and not everybody gets it.

Ann Wahlman's Wall

Meg Worden – Oct 12, 2011

Hi Ann, Thanks so much for the kind comment on Frail Flowers...

Traci Moore – Sep 07, 2011

Hello Ann. Thanks so much for the comment on my story. I hear you-- in regard to the second person thing. Kind of fun to monkey around with. :) Best to you in your writing!

Foster Trecost – Aug 10, 2011

Hi Ann, Thanks for giving Eight States Away a bit of your time - I appreciate the read and comments. fos.

Roberto C. Garcia – Aug 09, 2011

Hello Ann, thanks for the Fave and comments on "Ghost writing". Welcome to Fictionaut! I'm happy you're here!

ABxx – Aug 07, 2011

Hi Ann, thanks so much for the high complimets on "Madeline the Admired". And how nice to have my work compared to that of Matt Bell. I see his name everywhere but have not yet read him. Will definitely follow up and read this piece you suggested. Welcome to Fictionaut!

All best,

Tina Barry – Aug 04, 2011

Hi Ann. Thanks for the kind words and star for "Don't Grieve for Fish." I'm so glad you enjoyed the poem. Welcome to Fictionaut. I'll look out for your stories. I see you're working on your Masters too. Hope it's going well. Tina

Jack Swenson – Aug 04, 2011

Ann, as you know, a writer is entitled to anything a reader finds in a story! Thanks for your great response to my zoo story.

Casey McGrath – Aug 04, 2011

Hi, Ann! Thanks for your comments on my first story, too! I'll look forward to reading more of your work!

Gill Hoffs – Aug 04, 2011

Thank you for your extremely kind words! Very much appreciated. I usually get to a point in my head with a piece where it has to be written, and it sorts itself out on the page, but not been well with a bug for a while now, and it's muddied things. Hate when that happens. Very kind of you to be so complimentary and supportive. Hope I can return the favour some time!

DJ Young – Aug 04, 2011

Most welcome - it was a pleasure to read your work.

Randal Houle – Aug 04, 2011

Welcome, Ann and thnak you for reading and commenting on "NAture of Things." I'm glad it worked for you.

James Lloyd Davis – Aug 03, 2011

Ann, thank you so much for the fave and the lovely comment on "Tales from the old Sonoran desert # 47"

Sam Rasnake – Aug 02, 2011

Very glad to read your work, Ann. Welcome to FN.

Susan Tepper – Aug 01, 2011

Ann wishing you a good time here at Fictionaut!

Robert Vaughan – Jul 31, 2011

Welcome, Ann! Dive right in!

Gill Hoffs – Jul 29, 2011

Welcome! I'm sure you'll have a blast. Gill

Darryl Price – Jul 29, 2011

Nice to have you with us!

Joani Reese – Jul 29, 2011

Welcome, Ann. I hope you like it here.

Bill Yarrow – Jul 29, 2011

Welcome to Fictionaut, Ann!

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