Debra Lattanzi Shutika

Location Fairfax,Va
Occupation Folklorist
Website http://Http://mason.gmu.rdu

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  • by Debra Lattanzi Shutika
    University of California Press, 2011.
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    Joe Sullivan – Aug 07, 2012

    Hi Debra, Thanks for the careful read and great comment on "Max & Julia." I just got to read it a minute ago after not checking in here for a while - Fictionaut didn't tell me you'd written. Made my day. Cheers, Joe

    Matthew Robinson – Jul 21, 2012

    Thank you, Debra, for the nice note on "shell of my future self"! Appreciate it!

    Michael Dwayne Smith – Feb 12, 2012

    Debra, my thanks for your thoughtful reading & comments on "The Breakfast Tree."

    Sally Houtman – Feb 07, 2012

    Debra, your kind comments on "Immmiscibility" are so appreciated. It's a piece my writers' group totally didn't get, so it's wonderful to hear that there is hope for it. The feedback is wonderful. Thanks so much!

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