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A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven

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I came home from school to an empty house and watched the scrambled porn channel I could kind of unscramble with my black-and-white televisions v-hold and h-hold knobs. Hearing that cat wheeze down the hall in the bathroom was a mood killer.


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Ah the isolation! The affordability of such loneliness! It was glorious for a moment—those gelatinous creatures swarming around me, stinging every surface of my skinny frame but that's another story.

Mother, You Have Angry Animals in Your Stomach.

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You will never let me love you as I can truly love you. My heart is the heart you gave me, it grew from my tongue. It wants to speak to you.

The Virgin of Last Resort

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In a little dirt church at the end of the world stands the ikon of an unrecognized saint.

The Big Head

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“Andrew's head is going to grow.” That's what mom said. She said it just like that. It was fact. “Like a watermelon?” Jimmy from next door asked, holding his hands wide, wide as a giant seedless. He thought it was a wonderful idea...

The Waiting Room

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On the wall above their heads hangs an upside down crucifix seemingly mocking the scene. From the other side of the curtain, the family wonders if it’s some kind of sign.

When I'm Not Here

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She’ll get a dog a Weimaraner I know She’ll call him Alfie after her first two dogs He’ll try to get up on the bed She’ll say, Alfie, no, no But in the night she will let him so as not to be lonely

The Last Story

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The serious writer always knew there would be a last story but when the time came, he felt ill-prepared.


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Silent, so unbearably silent of voices. The dark sea gave us our only song, a light and flapping drum roll of waves and the crackling break of foam on the sand. Traipsing through forgotten sand sculptures we made our way down the beach, everything black and unseen. It was…

(1) Nan

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[Her adviser] looked at her and tilted his head, smiling. Over his shoulder she saw the M104 bus cruising up Broadway, and considered diving under it. Instead she took off toward the corner, in shame, and he followed. When they parted ways, he took her ha

End of the Century

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She’s a blue girl, a girl in blue. In the doldrums and on the dole, or soon to be.

The Piss-Colored Man

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His open door was interpreted by the neighbor as an invitation to all but place a mirror under his nose. She demanded opportunities to fluff his pillows and coerced him into accepting gifts of food, more than he could possibly eat, and sometimes ate with

The Death of Your Brother

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Suddenly a downpour erupted again, just like it did earlier in the morning. Clouds came out of nowhere, and it became a deluge. It felt like things including our tiny trailer were going to start floating around the nudist camp. Gina held back the little c

Snow Bird

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Snow Bird Then Bess was officially a Snow Bird. She was on the waiting list to become a permanent resident at the camp as soon as the expansion they were planning was completed. But it was being held up by some county people who were doing every


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Do you think we die when we age?Or when a car runs over our hearts?We die slowly, minute by minute, every secondBy the time you read this, you've died a little