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It’s got four seats and a wheel and it’s faithful as hell, her father used to say.


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Becoming particles with panache.

Dream of Burying My Grandmother Who Has No Grave

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We buried her upright, in the stance of warriors.


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Fingers of angry red welts crossed his face and neck.


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She did not know what it would feel like, how it would happen … but she knew it would be done. She knew that it would be magical, like nothing she could see or hear through the cornfields or around the markets.


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I carefully placed the knife back to its original position and, with poorly contained excitement, retrieved a palm from the fridge. It was slightly wrinkled, but it was just as fair as the rest of the pristine white in the fridge. It felt warm to my hands


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That was what I said, let's go before it starts raining again. I stand at the window, staring at the downpour outside. Since then the sun has gone down a precise one thousand four hundred and sixty one times.

A Brief, Protracted Reflection

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...Loves and fights and retires; / And dies.

The Soft, Cool Blanket of Night

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wrap me in the soft, cool blanket of night. waning,the moon peers down at melike the heavy-lidded eye of some cyclops. and if I be lost like poor Odysseus,cloak me in the soft, warm wool of night. and if my eyes fail me like old Tiresias,stitch the cloth with…

Nunc Stans

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I missed the cadence and remembered the verse too late. Now, that place where everything comes together is a first taste of things that have somehow become slightly bitter, and I was choking on it.

Peripheral Anthropomorphism and the Fall of Troy

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For Hector it was animals. Rats, dogs, fish, and quite often horses – sometimes even lions. But for Achilles, it was always dead bodies.

Riposi in Pace.

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It was too young to be love. We were 5, a buzz-cut me, and you, plated with babyteeth

Kissing Cobras

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She administers the alkaloids slowly, soaking the muscles in blight, the body tissue beneath into corrosion.


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We may not be capable of even trying to appreciate the fact of mortality until we are somewhat older—let's say 18 years old. But, from the age of 18 until we die—and die we will; we know that—we have the opportunity to spend some time thinking abou

About a shredded silk stockings & main erogenous zone of all women.

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”How many lowers have you had? Why are you still single? “... Gentlemen should not ask these questions and ladies should not answer... the deepest woman`s erogenous zone: Why didn`t anyone tell me this before?...