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My hood

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My father was a writer and a great man, and his father was a writer, as was the one before him, and he was a great writer, too.


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I saw the little family that lives under the neighbor's backyard deck two weeks before while decapitating grasslets

Pinus Timbre

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Ancient erections loom aloft ringed by decades centuries for some in gnarled scabs of pine.

To Be Undone

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. . . hands before your face, heart without blood . . .

The New World

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And so we conquered.

In Jest

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"...ingest on your mediocrity."

Two Anniversary Sonnets

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First SeenI think I tried the crossword puzzle first,gave up, turned on the air, had Chex┬« and popthat didn't do enough to quench my thirst.My stomach turned as we began to dropand I rushed to belt in and sit straight, dryas twine, and just as taut. Man, I was tight!I was…

We Settle In

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For Mother's Day 2005I plop upon the bed. My foot is sore.You change into your jams and grab a book.We settle in. A scratching at the doorand I stand, let the cat in, and head backto bed. I settle in. We don't have waters.You rise and bring your glass around the bedand take…

Trimming the Tree with Isabella, Two

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First off, the tree is crooked. Down I goto struggle with four sappy, rusty screwsthat will not budge. Outside, the dusky snowcollects upon the porch. My daughter chewsa clear bulb, disembodied from its string.“Do you want glass inside your mouth?” I…

almost a still life

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(a sidewalk poem)


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Two Peas

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We skated through the back alley, leaves on dumpsters,played street hockey with broomsticks and sucked onsour gum-balls liberated from the confectionery. Cripes,they had hundreds of them, like they're missing thetwelve we got (8-me, 4-you; I had bigger pockets). On…

i know not seems

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It is said Queen Elizabeth I, on a gelding,wore a red silk, goose-feathered hat and an ironbreast plate on the eve of battle with the Spanishfleet. She pressed her wee feet into silver stirrupsand called out empowering epithets to amuddy assembly of soldiers. “I have…


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Mom and I are chatting throughthe telephone. My two roommateswatch a Timberwolves game in the livingroom which doubles as a bedroom forthe one of them with long hair. Mombegins to weep—sounds like she's got lemongrass stuck in her neck. She tells me that shecan't take…

cake bride

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white-ruffle-shoulder'd figurine can't standbut that one foot is fix'd ankle deep in creamcheese and her back's against a pink wickerarch. The cake reeks of confectioner's sugar,coils of butter'd icing, and mint. The bride'splastic form seems to pivot at the waist and hasa…