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The Tricycle

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The large black pedals on the red/Tricycle rotate, push along the cracked,/Weedy surface.

A Vicious Deer

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A Vicious Deer The man came across the hall to talk to us. He was buying some paintings. He had a white deer on a leash. Fosca (our Malamute) said: “That's a vicious deer.” She kept putting her paw on its shoulder. I said: “You bet


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In China I remembered you only once:the restaurant's speciality, chosenfrom a braid of live varieties,spiraled to the floor while the waiterflayed it with a knife flickedfrom his wrist. The snake made your initialover and over the black tile.What pain? Love's all…


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That Loving Feeling

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That Loving Feeling How do I love thee? I love the bulge of your breast along the inside of my upper arm when you lie on top kissing me I love feeling the movement of your nipple along the tender skin there It

Here is our fantastic document.

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running. Hit a deer and with surgical precision remove its bland ear, wear it as your own. Wear it as your own like a crown of ears, spilled out on a floor before you. Are

He tried another business in '33. It failed.

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Eat a jellybean. Pear or peach. It'll imparta fruity lilt. T wishes herapartment would let her havea cat or two. Seek the helpof a licensed stranger. Enjoy anonymous mutual caring. P wishes hecould remember how…

Sinking (revised)

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Old snarled fishing line and a fistful of hooks; I can't hold my head in my hands.

The Tile

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The trees cluster like flies to spider webs

Chemistry (Valentine's Day Massacre)

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Whenever we’re carressin’, I find you quite engrossin’, I’m filled with vasopressin endorphins and oxytocin.

Losing (Valentine's Day Massacre Poem)

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Paid and laid, they leave.


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it should be silky


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This corridor extending darkly ahead. This dark corridoring the extended head. The baby crying for some tit. The tit babying for some cry.

10 Rules for Writing (Inspired by Zadie Smith)

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1. Read a lot of books as a child. 2. If you are reading this and you are not a child any more, you will probably need to go back in time. 3. Invent a time machine. 4. Since you are a creative type, and use primarily the right side of your brain, your math and science…

I Cant Do This Anymore

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It's a lie, it doesnt mean anything this, only that my lips are ripe and soft.