Chemistry (Valentine's Day Massacre)

by Angela Brett

I'm really glad to meet ya,

you seem just right to me.

You've oestrogenic features,

and facial symmetry

and even just the scent of you's

a whiff of possibility,

it shows without a centrifuge

our histocompatibility.

Whenever we're carressin',

I find you quite engrossin',

I'm filled with vasopressin

endorphins and oxytocin.

Our closeness is the saviour

of my head and of my heart, in-

hibiting the causes

of myocardial infarction.

Your mouth is like no other,

I kept your kiss-stained cup.

Oh, be my children's mother!

Your DNA stacks up.

Hold tight while we make lurve

and during the sweet act I'll

be glad I had the nerve,

especially C-tactile.

What's that, my anti-phosphodiesterase?

You say you are conscious, too?

In that case, I'll rephrase:

I meant that I love you.