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The Tourists at the Museum

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For the camera she smiles otherwise not and only when she is standing beside him But for the camera? for the crowd for posterity yes For their children for the future? yes, again yes a thousand times until her face be

The Mojave Desert Remembers Ron Paul

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The Mojave Desert remembers Ron Paul With tattered billboards Scraped and clawed by vehement dust

A Song To Lose Your Shoes To

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You’ve got me standin’ on my knees, A’searchin’ for a beggar’s alms, From folks who’re deaf to all my pleas And blind to open palms.

On the Way to Australia

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On an iceberg in the Atlanticyou hunched down nakedin the sunYou were waiting, as thewaves moved you,to reach AustraliaThen you would bound offyour 'berg, as its lastisland meltedAnd you would run freewith the 'roos acrossthe OutbackIt would be years before youarrived,…

Scylla and Charybdis

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Two Great PoetsTwo Wonderful WorldsOne Flesh & BoneI liked this... love the image.... thank you for writing me this One Pixel ScrawlsIf I am to be nothing but pixel scrawls...then those scrawls will exceed that of far more than flesh and bone... …

How the 60's Ended

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The Beatles on TV their last show together as a group and we all knew it smoking dope sitting around in large groups in living rooms across the universe they sang Let It Be and The Long and Winding Road knowing a man

cake tin rusted

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the farmhouse of your childhood lies

Untitled (Continued)

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Ze wants an eyebrow for his troubles. he floats it in a glass given him by a silken hand protruding elegant from a blackened, cooked body. the only appendage untouched. Ze saves the palm for last as it tastes the best and makes a fair cup holder.


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Such innocence between anticipation and disappointment...


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You can tell Noah hates his job and stares off into space not thinking of birds or land anymore or the stars just that wide wide water that won’t go away and why in the vast flooded damned world he was the one w

Youngish Professor, or Grad Student TA

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Natty looking in his 2-tone shoes and argyle socks blue blazer with 3 gold buttons on each cuff pale yellow hemp or burlap necktie, of course with a blue shirt (never white!!) long mopish hair hanging on his forehead and a

Driven Crazy/My Eyes Have Seen

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with hips and bottom as wide as the Mississippi / They carry it back home/ others to have/ can’t digest it/

The Signed Edition

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Now I see it! She broke up with him and he left a whole stack of the books she had given him out on the sidewalk where I found this signed edition of your novel because she had once given him a copy of your book signed by you for


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Her hair’s the color of LA at night On such occasions when the Santa Anas Have left the hills bone-dry and burning bright


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Bright sun beams rise from the east.