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eight or nine not-so-orange carp

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the melodious flute crouches, a bloated tree trunkbetween the legs of a thickset flautist with a bloodred do. The do's done such that one can see a bronzesculpture of a tidal wave in it, its stomach quite full.The conductor, a bit of celery, brown around the…

Sand Dollars

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A wan, cinnamon, soft-shell crab—one meatless claw cracked, one eyegone—stretches unmolested in the sand, itslong legs submerged six or so centimeters.Tight, off-white bolts of ocean swellplow the shore—furrowing it—withthe regular retreat of the…

Titus, I

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I'm on black vinyl stool, the top of which, a circle, has a grill grid of boot-type tread marks slicing it into like-lined circle sections. I'm in the basement of a half-ass college library on a warm May day. I'm having a look at a collection of essays pertaining to the…

no carrots

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I crane my head and eyes side-wise:a Zenith hangs from a thick metal armabove the curtain. On it I see the paper plateof the United Nations building in New York.The image is split into a series of lines on thescreen which intermittently cracks apart into tinybricks,…

cheap two-seater

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A blind man downtownsells bikesfor thirty cents a pound.Today Ibuy ablack tandemfor ninedollars andpedal ithome through snow.

oh jeez, Noah, you knew

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Flood!fancy track-lightsreveal the basementwhere we nearly builta mini-bar in 1985 with pop-art shot glasses and an alligatorice bucket. Multi-gallons of opaque, green water saturate the cement floor—our hand-woven throw rugs,Village People records and…


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s'okay,s'alright, I tell a smoke that so coyly pops from the tan kittensnorts and backsinto a cabinetat the scent ofsulfur.

socks still soggy, turn, turn

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a man's gotta dohis laundry when it rains.there's a cactus on the windowsill.way over therea lady folds sheets.I read a chapbookby eddy elbow comma.really, most of ithas long underwear.

Act I: Cookout. Enter BIRD, SMOKE

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Yellow and brown mustard bottles on the tablecloth! Betty plays checkers with beef patties on the grill. Everyone wants to stick their blue plastic flatware in the potato salad. There's a cardinal on the fence. Bill bumps a croquet…

for this before me, these words only

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I see you dozingface-down nakedsave a black brassierewith a right footon a left thighlooking tarot-esqueas a verticallyhung fooland feel like the wizardwho came up withthe gas-powered combinejust now sipping brandy,about to stand up to receive a prestigious award.

on the deck

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A lean red ant meanders out from under a vinyl-covered mini-bikeacross a dome of lumber-frozen snow. It skirts narrow water-frozengaps between uneven cedar planks on the back patio. A brittle, nakedlattice of lilac twigs rubs its wood together and reaches up throughthin…

PALTRY POULTRY POETRY: A Collection of Unprose From the Mind of a Senile Teen

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Author's Introduction Teenagers go through a lot of hard stuff during their growing up years. I should know because, as of this writing, I am twenty years old and just out of the teen era of life. It's kind of a weird feeling to know that from here on out I have absolutely…

Hook Her

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Talking of nothingnothingness defines- lineseverything said unspokenamongst pilfering small talkstolen over glasses of winehis favorite neighborhood'Let's be friends'topples from lipsmeaningless foreplaytongues licking teeth - lyingmouths, months later fingering the…

Ravine camp with crates arranged in a half moon

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I saw the satyr eyelashes and forearm chalk / and gold rings through his nostrils so I asked

Night and Day and

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wonder what I will / into life versus out of / habit let happen