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About Me

I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, and now live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, the Madison of NYC. I have formerly lived in Cape Town, South Africa, and Alanya, Turkey, and when sharing this, as now, I often omit the fact that both were study abroad programs I did in college. I fail to mention that probably because I'd like you to think I am the kind of person who would live for long stretches of time and indeterminate purposes in places like Cape Town and Alanya. Truth be told, I am the kind of person living happily in gentrified Brooklyn and indulging occasional fits of fantasy wherein I pick up everything and leave for places like Cape Town or Alanya.

(I hate writing these things.)

I have an MFA in Writing from Sarah Lawrence College and a Bachelor of Science in the Foreign Service from Georgetown University. There. That's a normal bio thing to share.

I launched and curate Underwater New York, an online collection of stories, art and music inspired by the fantastical miscellany found beneath the waters around our city.

I want you to join the Underwater New York group here. Come on! It'll be fun! We'll write stories evoked by things like a fleet of Good Humor ice cream trucks lurking in the ocean off Far Rockaway! And mysterious white goo immune to the diseases of the Gowanus Canal! And a Formica dinette standing upright at the bottom of the East River near 16th Street! And a grand piano! And a giraffe! And ... and ...

(Raise your hand if you could have done without the exclamation points in the nugget above.)

(Raise your hand if you're still reading this.)

(Be my friend, if you're still reading this.)

(Go on. Do it. Click the button. We'll be friends! It'll be great! Just kidding. About the exclamation points, that is. Not the friend part.)

(How do I get out of here?!)

(How long do I let this stay here as my "About me"? Sheesh.)

Nicki Pombier Berger's Wall

Catherine Arnold – Dec 03, 2009

Hello and thanks for that "about me" -- I enjoyed it :). Time for me to throw in some exclamation points too...

Indeed, I'm really excited about Fictionaut. It's an unexpected treasure and more.

David Erlewine – Nov 23, 2009

I hear Park Slope is the fillet of Brooklyn...

Welcome, friend.

Gary Percesepe – Nov 21, 2009

hi nicki,

welcome to here. this place. is cool. cooler, now.

Darryl Price – Nov 19, 2009

Don't worry. It's a friendly site with a bunch of very interesting writers to read. Enjoy looking around and contributing your own stories to the mix.

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