When You Love Someone

by Darryl Price

you set the world in motion. When you love
someone you reset everything to now. 
When you love someone you forgive the world. 
Everything is possible. When you love
someone it is time to go on home. When 
you love someone you're reborn as someone 
else completely. That is why love is the 
answer. Why all you need is love. When you 
love someone your voice sounds like your own kind 

of truth. When you love someone you dig in 
your purse or pocket for extra change. When 
you love someone the best is yet to come. 
When you love someone you are an all time 
great music listener. You are a deep 

sea dreamer beginning to dream to life. 
It doesn't have to be romantic; it 
just has to be real. When you love someone 
it's oh so nice to meet you. That may sound 
funny, but it's true. When you love someone 

the lost key is already in your hand. 
The hidden magic door is already 
in its fair frame. The clouds are already 
quite delicious, even with rain coming. 
When you love someone you might think you've been 

shot. Yes, indeed. When you love someone your 
poet pal will stand his sacred ground for 
you again and again just as promised.  
When you love someone it will make all the
difference. And that's something worth your time.