Morning and Arachnophobia

by Gary Hardaway

A spinner of cobwebs sat- or stood
(can spiders sit or only stand?)-
in the left tub of the cheap stainless
kitchen sink. She stood still. A splash

of water encouraged movement and
provided proof of life. Anxiety ensued.
Each brush of cat fur or hung shirt
startled. Curiosity lead to Google

and Theridiidae whose various
species looked nothing like the feared
guest slow-moving at the bottom
of the sink. Wolf spider lead to a

match: Rabidosa rabida- no spinner
of webs but a quick and cunning
solitary hunter. Anxiety overwhelmed
regard. The tag team Permethrin and

Tetamethrin were applied. Within
a minute, neurotoxins turned her
motionless and rigid in the
characteristic pose of spider, poisoned.