some days are

by Ed Higgins

minotaur shit on your tongue

smokestacks dumping acid rain on your already thinning hair

your eyelashes pinned in upside down, backward

you give wrong shaving directions to the mirror

your brain's a wingless duck migrating east

for lunch you eat the paper bag

full unblinking knowledge of yourself

the Milky Way curdled

your cat unrolls both toilet paper rolls

Escher frogs up & down your legs

Monday wants to be January, or July, anything

old regrets text-message you, urgently: let's do lunch today

bees up your nose building comb

your brain a Red-cockaded woodpecker pecking to get out


your smile a yellow Disney scarf with dwarfs

one eye a 20 lb. yam the other an over-ripe avocado

a small orange dog urinates on your toothbrush

Canadian thistle blooming in your colon

your saliva is once again formaldehyde gravy

all life's explanations ooze of pinkeye, incurable

two cups of coffee later

many days are none of these.