Jamal H. Iqbal

Location Dubai
Occupation polymath. philomath.
Website http://www.jamalhiqbal.com

About Me

A Philomath that loves the arts, Jamal is a corporate Rottweiler, film & theatre actor/director/producer/writer, standup comic, poet, author and performing artist living in Dubai. His 10 years in the city, the longest among the dozen or so he has called home, have managed to temper the temper, somewhat.

His poetry, fiction, essays and recently art, have been published in the Anthology – Nowhere Near A Damn Rainbow, in the journal Sukoon, in Rip/Torn Magazine, Uncommon:Dubai, Five2One Magazine #thesideshow, The Syzygy Poetry Journal, Cease, Cows, Literary Orphans and multiple issues of Alphanumeric, Peardrop Journal and Zoetic Press’ Non Binary Review.

He was the Zoetic Press Nominee for Sundress Publications' 'Best of Net' Anthology at AWP 2017. His manuscripts - 'Padmavati Colony & Other Stories' and his poetry chapbook 'The Binary Illiterate' - are presently shortlisted for publication in 2018.

Until then, he can be found living life as an open facebook (fb.me/jamalhiqbal), tweeting away (@jamalhiqbal) hibernating on a non-updated website (jamalhiqbal.com) or curbing his narcissitic selfi(e)sh streak instagraming only his art and photography (@jamalhiqbal)

Why do you write?

people fuel my creativity. and so i write, because i must.

Any favorite authors? Books?

i read.
everything and anything.
back of delivery slips, freeze framing movies on random words as part of set, comic books, shakespeare, trashy pulp, poetry, languages, facebook statuses, fiction, non fiction, screenplays, archer, ghosh, pamuk, marquez, gaiman, grass, dahl - hey this is becomin' a facebook i nominate ten authors survey.
anything and everything.
read i.

Jamal H. Iqbal's Wall

Darryl Price – Jul 04, 2015

A hearty welcome to you here!

Jamal H. Iqbal – Mar 17, 2015

god nonnie i just saw this after all those months! miss you. how are you?

Nonnie Augustine – Sep 03, 2014

Thank you for reading and commenting on The Piano Player's Dead Rejoice, Jamal. I absolutely love your bio and am a fellow reader of everything. xxoononnie

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