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I play with language. Or it plays with me.

Sara Fitzpatrick Comito's Wall

J.A. Pak – Apr 09, 2015

Thanks so much for reading "Drought"!

Lucinda Kempe – Apr 08, 2015

Sara, Thank you for the note on An Apricot the Size of a Heart!

Neil McCarthy – Mar 07, 2013

Thanks Sara! I had to share your last poem with my Twitter page. It was brilliant.

John Riley – Mar 03, 2013

Hi Sara, thanks for commenting on "Middle Age." I'm happy you enjoyed it.

Steven Gowin – Feb 26, 2013

Sara, thanks for the note on "MacGowans." My Dad did tell the story of sheep theft. I have no doubt it's true. Now how do we find redemption?

Neil McCarthy – Feb 24, 2013

Thanks for reading the Silverlake poem Sara. Appreciate the comment.

John Riley – Feb 11, 2013

Thanks, Sara for reading and commenting on "A Forest."

David Tomaloff – Jul 07, 2012

Hi Sara! Thanks for the kind comment on "The Shift."

Susan Tepper – Jul 03, 2012

Sara thank you for reading '1996, what i wanted' and your sweet comments!

Michael Gillan Maxwell – Apr 18, 2012

Hi Sara! Thank you so much for dropping by to read "Go Hard or Go Home" and for your warm and generous comment! I really appreciate it!

Bill Yarrow – Nov 18, 2011

Thanks for commenting on "Fish Boil," Sara. Appreciate it!

MaryAnne Kolton – Nov 18, 2011

Sara, so happy you found your way here. Just remember if you gnaw it - you buy it!

Susan Tepper – Nov 18, 2011

Sara I hope you have fun here!

Sara Fitzpatrick Comito – Nov 17, 2011

Hi Darryl, that's so kind of you! Thank you.

Darryl Price – Nov 17, 2011

Hi Sara--glad to have you with us!

Sara Fitzpatrick Comito – Nov 17, 2011

Thanks Bill! I can already tell this is going to be a lot of fun.

Bill Yarrow – Nov 17, 2011

Welcome to Fictionaut, Sara!

Sara Fitzpatrick Comito – Nov 17, 2011

Robert, thanks very much for the warm welcome! I'm happy to be here too.

Robert Vaughan – Nov 16, 2011

Sara! I am so excited that you are on Fictionaut! Welcome my friend!

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