An Apricot the Size of a Heart

by Lucinda Kempe


I dreamt, said the Donkey, of an apricot.

An apricot the size of a heart.

A special one, a Royal Blenheim, so rare.

And so sweet the second your teeth sunk into its flesh

Your mouth filled with thyme-scented honey.  


I dreamt, said the Truck, of a donkey.

A donkey the size of an apricot.

A special one, a Kephallonian Giathoorakee, so rare.

The second you sat on its ass you shrunk into a tiny copy of Genghis Khan.

And rode around the island being bossy.  


I dreamt, said the King, of a truck.

A truck the size of a donkey.

A special D13A engine Volvo, 12.8-litre in-line 6-cylinder diesel with

turbocharger and intercooler in miniature.

In the driver's seat, you became Olympian.


I dreamt, said the Heart, of a king.  

A king the size of a truck.  

A modest king who melted the darkest hearts.  

And the Dead rose from the underworld,

And returned to their families.      


I dreamt, said the Apricot, of a heart.

A heart with the scope of a modest king,

The power of a diesel,

The humor of a truck,

And the tenderness of a donkey,

A Kephallonian Giathoorakee,

So rare.    

Feb 6, 2015 [196]