Florida Dreams of Peru

by Sara Fitzpatrick Comito

Kiln dried mummies, landscape of once were alpacas.
Now all the wool is farmed in Alva, whose town museum
opens one day a week. Also: it's very warm here.

The llamas they use to guard the sheep. More vicious than dogs,
they say, and better insinuators for their unwolvenness. They grind
rather than tear. The Calusa would be confounded!

Well how appropriate would it be to have camels running around
under the orange trees, humps bumping all that Spanish fruit?
Better to leave blankets on the desertification,

those Nazca scars of ash; we have our epiphytic moss, but
really need less softening. There's a picture of an eagle
soaring over Peru. Wingspan of my palm.

Everything concentric, windless.