Heart of Gold

by J. Mykell Collinz

"If the United States becomes competitive again, it will be on the backs of the working poor."


"Cooperation and sharing will eliminate poverty."


"Competition is unavoidable. And it's foolish to think otherwise."


"The real fools are those who do not acknowledge the overwhelming need for change when a relatively small group of global leaders hold tightly to economic power while the vast majority of people around the world want and need more equitable economic policies."


"You'll have to fight to get it. Against well armed, highly trained, and ideologically motivated security forces, including local police and national armies."


"We'll do it non-violently."


"Present world order results from a complex equilibrium between multiple forces. Your passivity will upset this balance."


"Cooperating and sharing non-violently is not passivity. It's an active free choice."


"Nobody does anything without being forced."


"Human consciousness is growing beyond that."


"I'll believe it when I see it."


"You will see it in the world when you see it in yourself."


"Pass me that joint."