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The Union Forever

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Every White Stripes album has a song starting with little: “Little People.” “Little Bird.” “Little Room.” “Little Acorns.” “Little Ghost.”

What I Remember

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“She’s in shock,” I heard my mom say, so I assume Jill must have asked how I was or why I wasn’t crying. I did not want to talk to anyone or have anyone talk about me, so I just watched the trees go by as we drove back home.

Celebrating Difference

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Because they boil bananas and I fry them.

We Will Elevate (Part One)

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As a kid, I never imagined that my death would come at the base of a massive presidential shrine. Well, at least not often

We Will Elevate (Part Two)

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The Buffalo group together in herds and are massive, intimidating creatures. You get the impression that--if desired--they could easily orchestrate a plan to stop you atop a hillside, then ram your car over the edge.

The Nameless Boy Files: Books creative non-fiction

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...he tries to read ‘Advanced’ Pynchon after I’ve conquered and recommended what I’d consider ‘Beginner’ Pynchon. Mason Dixon is a loud swarm of ink he sideswipes, hardcover, bought remaindered at Trident in Boston, mine, and returned. But, it’s one I tak

Star-City Parade

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With the airy whisper of "I'm going to follow Mom," my pink, mittened hand slips out of my dad's loose grip, and I dart away, absorbed into the mass of bodies clustered on the downtown sidewalk.

Lule of Raw

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A discussion at the homeless colony under the expressway overpass crossing the river:

Lule of Raw -2

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"The cops are just doing what they're being paid to do."

Lule of Raw - 3

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"I'll tell you one thing I don't want to see, armed confrontation, leading to domestic warfare."

Diagnosis: American

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I slithered down in my seat and uttered a secret prayer, one known only to Americans like myself who live abroad. “Please, God,” I begged. “In the name of all that is holy I ask you. Please let him be Canadian.”

Heart of Gold

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"Cooperation and sharing could eliminate poverty."

Program's Head

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"I believe the four hundred billion dollar cost of this program, which produces nothing more than window dressing, would be better spent elsewhere."


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a perpetrated fraud

Wattle and Daub

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