Lule of Raw

by J. Mykell Collinz

"This ain't no democracy, it's a republic." 

"It's a constitutional republic based on the rule of laws enacted by democratically elected representatives of the people."

"Except they don't represent the people no more." 

"Corporations are people."

"Corporations are multinational people. Giving corporations personhood gives foreigners a say in our government. Foreign money can now control our elections." 

"If that's where politicians get most of their money, who do you think they're gonna represent?"

"We need to change the Supreme Court decision, Citizens United versus Federal Election Commission, which gives corporations the First Amendment right to spend as much as they want to influence presidential and congressional elections." 

"How do we do that?"

"We occupy the river bank." 

"Who gives a shit?"

"Don't think like that. There is a place for you in this. They're setting up a big army tent in the park downtown specifically for the homeless. They've asked me to head the organizing committee." 

"Who made you a leader around here?"

"Yeah, we ain't got leaders." 

"The tent will fill up quickly. I came back down here to offer you guys a chance to get in while there's still room. The weather is getting might cold."

"If this is some kind of insider information we're not interested in your corrupting influence." 

"Somebody has to be the first to know."

"Who gave you the right to choose who?" 

"Listen, the cops are planning to come down here and drive you guys out. They want to clean up this spot. Too many people can see it from the expressway and they find it offensive."

"What about the tent downtown, aren't they going to find that offensive, too?" 

"It's two different issues. We've been welcomed into the occupy family. I think we should join them and offer our full support."

"Hey, man, I'm an alcoholic. Why can't you just leave me alone and let me drink myself to death here in the woods by the river?" 

"Hey, man, this is what you've been talking about happening since the seventies. It's here. It's time. Let's roll."