Jenny Halper

Location New York City
Occupation film and writing and trying to write
Website http://

About Me

I recently earned an MFA and am working on a collection of stories, very slowly, and on a novel, maybe a tiny bit faster. I work as at an independent film company and have way too many random facts about movies in my brain. Sometimes it makes it difficult for other facts to enter.

Why do you write?

Other books and stories, other authors. Because even though it's very frequently frustrating there's nothing quite like getting a scene or a character or a chapter right.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Amy Bloom. Alice Hoffman. Janet Finch. Pat Conroy. Andre Dubus. Lost Girls and Love Hotels. Michael Cunningham. Jo Anne Beard. Rosellen Brown. Anne Tyler. Barbara Kingsolver. Too many to name.

Jenny Halper's Wall

Sara – Oct 24, 2010

Hi Jenny, What an unexpected treat to have you stop by here. Thanks so much for your nice note on Tomorrowland -- I love it when you read my work. See you in a few hours!

Kari Nguyen – Jun 14, 2010

Thanks so much Jenny for reading my story!

Cherise Wolas – Jun 06, 2010

Jenny, I so appreciate your wonderful comments on The Shloshim Period. Thank you for finding it and reading! Will consider your comment about the last line, it's an interesting point.

Stephanie Austin – Jun 01, 2010

Thank you for your lovely words on my story.

Myra King – May 31, 2010

Jenny, it was fun to write too! Thanks for your nice comments.

Michelle Elvy – May 31, 2010

Thanks for your comment on Love, Story, Jenny! So glad you liked that first paragraph. Great to meet you here; look forward to reading more of your stories too!

Jack Swenson – May 30, 2010

Jenny, Thank you for your very nice comments about "The Birds."

Sara – May 28, 2010

it. (lopped off it, sorry about that).

today, maybe?

Sara – May 28, 2010

hi jenny, thanks so much for your note on girl. i really appreciate. now it's your turn: c'mon, give us somethin', pretty please.

Cherise Wolas – Apr 21, 2010

Hi Jenny.

Darryl Price – Apr 18, 2010

For me BREAKFAST AT THE HOMESICK RESTAURANT was an incredible reading experience--one of those books where you don't want to be interrupted by any of the daily things you just want to get back to it by any means..and those sentences of hers are amazing feats of magic.

Gary Percesepe – Apr 18, 2010

welcome, jenny, to this place--



Sara – Apr 17, 2010

ah, the world just got a little bit better. so, so glad you're here.

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