by Tim G. Young

the way things are going well i'm a feeling
more than a little bit shattered
yeah even the rolling stones can't help
cause they don't mean as much
as they did when all the music mattered
and even though i can still laugh and cry
inside i know my heart rattles
cause outside i'm only seeing
that the truth is in tatters

yeah things get shredded and burn
but like the sun
people say the phoenix is still rising
and i like to believe in the good
i'm not one to buy into any hypnotizing
and so i move from day to day
even if all the light is wounded and battered
at least i know why that is
cause i can see that the truth is in tatters

In tatters
(it ain't no fake news)

In tatters
(got me singing the blues)

In tatters
(gonna get that tattoo)

In tatters
(there's just so much to lose)

so i'm going downtown
fill up the car and go drive
down the highway
maybe i'll sing a song
maybe i'll take too long
maybe i'll hop a plane
and decide just to fly away
but still i know the damn thing
will land and i'll be back on the ground
somewhere my mind still scattered
cause no matter how hard i try
i still see that the truth is in tatters.