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Location Madrid
Occupation Language Trainer

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  • by Henry Normal
    Amazing Colossal Press, 1991-11.

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    , 2011.

  • by Donal Thompson
    , 2011.

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    Donal was born into an Irish family in England in 1961. He has worked as an actor, writer and director in theatre-in-education and community theatre projects. He also performed poetry around Britain with Henry Normal and The Live Poets’ Society. In 1992 he won the BBC Alfred Bradley Bursary for writing and emigrated to the Basque Country.

    He played and sang traditional Irish music for ten years or so with The Porter Sharks, Limerick and Turlach and worked in interesting times in Hernani and maritime times in Donostia.

    He now lives in Madrid where he teaches English freelance , writes, paints and plays music. He is currently giving residential courses and workshops for negotiation skills, meetings and presentations in El Escorial, Segovia , Aranjuez and Cuidad Real.

    His story 'Letter to Maeve' has been read 100,000 times on

    Why do you write?

    To begin with,
    meeting Mr. Lyons
    a decade after a decade
    at St. Joseph’s
    Was a magical accident,
    happening as it did
    in an art gallery
    framed by real coffee smells.

    Words smelled too
    and tasted and rang
    and bruised and sparkled
    in his classroom.
    Language loved life
    and I loved language.
    Mr. Lyons cooked the books
    over this flame.

    Ten years on
    he nodded the nod
    of no name remembered
    offering a hand.
    He made a stab
    at a contemporary
    and accepted my correction
    with no pretence.

    That question came
    to be answered by
    my being a tour guide
    in a TV theme park.
    This monument to ten years
    after the written and spoken
    won a readable silence.

    This art gallery accident
    was the only time I ever saw
    Mr. Lyons lost for words.
    So I decided then to write
    these ones for him
    and afterwards
    a million more for me.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    'Under Milk Wood' by Dylan Thomas
    'The Rattle bag' Edited by Heaney and Hughes
    'The Mersey Sound' McGough, Patten and Henry
    'Live Poets Society' Edited by Henry Normal
    The Anderbo online literary journal (
    Everything by William Shakespeare
    'Shelley the Idealist' by Ann Jellico (play)
    and and and....

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    Alison Earls – Sep 02, 2010

    Thanks so much for the comment on my story, 'For the Woman who has a Hundred', Donal. I'm new to these parts too so it's great to get a positive welcome!

    Donal Thompson – Aug 31, 2010

    Hey Rick,
    Thanks for the invitation! Love the place!


    Rick Rofihe – Aug 30, 2010


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