Things You Probably Should Know About New York City

by Jerry Ratch

It is a misdemeanor to fart in NYC churches. 

In 1857, toilet paper was invented by a man living in NYC. 

No one knows how long it took for the idea to fan out from there. 

God only knows why it took so long, 

or why NYC was at the epicenter of it all. 

Or how long it took for the first toilet to back up either. 


There are tiny shrimp called copepods in NYC's drinking water. 

Albert Einstein's eyeballs are stored in a safe deposit box in NYC.

On Nov. 28, 2012, not s single murder, shooting, stabbing, or other incident of violent crime in NYC was reported for an entire day. 

Everybody was probably still sleeping off the Thanksgiving day meal the day before. 

But they more than made up for it the day after that. 


There's a wind tunnel near the Flat Iron building that can raise a woman's skirt over her head, and blow off a man's toupee. Men are accustomed to gathering outside the Flat Iron building to watch. 

Pinball was banned in NYC until 1978.