Amanda Proscia

Occupation Journalism Grad Student & Aspiring Writer

About Me

Graduate student receiving my MA in Journalism from Michigan State University. Twenty-something in a perpetual quarter-life crisis. Trying to get validation for my work, and make connections within the world of writing.

Why do you write?

I'm often most creative in my darkest of times. Currently studying International and Environmental Journalism, but will write about anything with spark.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Charles Bukowski, Tyler Knott Gregson, Henry Miller, Ayn Rand, Stephen Chobsky, Sylvia Plath, John Green, Lewis Carroll, William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, and anyone who's interesting enough to hold my attention span.

Amanda Proscia's Wall

Tim G. Young – Feb 24, 2013

Hi Amanda. You certainly deserve a note on your wall!
And thanks for 'Anticipation.'

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