by Darryl Price


We wanted so much to find ourselves

in a beautiful world. It was, and

is, but every inviting leaf has

got another hidden dangerous

precedent that must be surrendered

to in order to survive to see

another sunset with the ones you

actually love. It's always been


nothing more than a tired struggle just

to snuggle and mean it when words fail

to give glad meaning to what's truly

happening. Maybe in school you can

look around and see many different

levels of life changing its mind,  but

somewhere in the real world it's mostly

car after car driving into tall


mirrors at sadder and sadder speeds.

You don't want to hear this and I don't

want to say this, the alternative

is to become their puppets, perform

their silly dances on the blood soaked

streets like pieces of crumpled paper.

We are not just monkeys looking for

the toss of a coin into our cups.