marci stillerman

Location Rancho MIrage,Los Angeles, CA
Occupation author
Website http://www.marcistillerman

About Me

Life-long writer, insomniac, traveller, anxiety-prone worrier, insatiable questioner of the unanswerable question: why me? I've been seeking in dark places since I was 10, had my first poem published that year in Scholastic and have tried writing in every genre. Publication in children's magazines and anthologies,literary magazines, pulp magazines, on-line zines, other media-----and 3 books: NINE SPOONS, a holocaust picture book for all ages, SWIMMING LESSONS, a collection of short stories, SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAPPENED ON KENMORE, a cautionary tale for Young Adults (2009). Am at present experimenting with a Young Adult book in verse.

Member of Author's Guild, NLAPW,and SCBWI.

My current passion is the short short, especially flash fiction. I love the poetry of the US poet-laureat ,Kay Ryan and her advice to writers----the brave writer has the courage to leave spaces (not a quotation but the gist.

I hope to die, pen in hand.

Why do you write?

I write because I must and because I feel that what has to be said is ocean deep and sky high and can never all be said. I am fueled by injustice to people, animals, the earth, ideas. wars and bigotry and harm to the earth and neglect of the helpless sicken me.

My greatest regret is that I cannot do much change things. But I'll die raising my voice.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Ian McEwen, James Cunningham. Alice Munroe, Kay Ryan, ---my least favorite question because I have so many favorites and they are always changing and I find it almost impossible to answer this question.

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David Ackley – Dec 05, 2011

Just read of your recent loss, Marci, and send deepest condolences.


marci stillerman – Dec 05, 2011

new address---now living in Los Angeles--adored husband died 11/11/11. Learning to go it alone. Marci

Joani Reese – Dec 04, 2011

Hi Marci: Thank you for coming by to read and comment on my piece "For The Lost Boys." I appreciate the time and your response.

Larry Strattner – Sep 16, 2011

You might find Toby Barlow's 'Sharp Teeth' interesting. It's paranormal and a little funky but a stab at (what I would call YA) novel-length narrative poetry. Barlow ain't no Seamus Heaney but then he don't pretend to be. Cheers LS

marci stillerman – Jun 14, 2010


marci stillerman – Jun 07, 2010

thank you,Claire! Yours is the first comment I've received! Marci

marci stillerman – Jun 07, 2010

Thanks, Myra and Beata Beata, you are one of my heroes. Glass Woman Prize is a gift! I will be posting a story as soon as I find out how. Marci

Myra King – Jun 07, 2010

Hi Marci and Welcome. I'm really looking forward to reading some of your work. Loved what you wrote, in the Why do you write, bit. Totally agree!

Beate Sigriddaughter – Jun 06, 2010

Welcome! I've been meaning to invite you to Fictionaut, but it looks like somebody (Juergen?) beat me to it. Good to see you here!

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