world's a mess

by Tim G. Young

world's a mess in my kiss in my fucking kiss
the world's a mess
running down my leg
like runners in my stockings
eating black and blue
all over me and you
into my brilliant idea
i'm going to tie you up
and do whatever i want with you
the world's a mess
in my kiss kiss kiss
never going to stop
my tongue tired but 
i don't stop
i know i don't
i don't i don't care
i'll feel a whole lot better where
even if all the money's gone
i would never count it anyway
wasn't the fun i was looking for
when i'm looking for some fun 

and now the night is later than it's ever been
and i'm running down the street
searching the nighthawks burger joint
with hunger flashing signs like the endless neon times
burning like i want to live
live one more second
one more second
let me live one more second
under a damn big sign
it's everything my vision can handle 
in one more second

yet driving my magic car
round round the sun and planets
striking bold and blue
greening and browning
scarlet, purple and yellow too
until i french kiss every atmosphere
my mouth ready to explode
like roman candles
sparking my fingers sparking off the tips
of my sparking fingers
until she finally asks me to dance
dance with me arms outstretched 
finger tips inside the red dress
inside the world's a mess
inside the beating bloody beat 
dancing the hell out of legs and feet
in a candy colored world
a candy messed up world
inside my kiss inside my kiss
inside under those dancing lips
lips lips next to my kissing lips
kiss me baby kiss my kissing lips

oh you can make me swear i've been around this planet
swinging like a star
kissed more than a million times
i climb exactly where you are
i'm counting really high tonight
higher than the blue
no there is no fucking blue
it's romantic dream come true
romantic dream time boys
in the dance to the dance
she's calling to you
can't you hear it!!!!!!!!!!?
oh you hear it like the high wind
so high melting limbs 
around my too thin waist
kissing me right there
where there ain't no fear 
clamp your hands around me baby
throw me a billion miles away 
before you bring me back like a memory
jacking up my trajectory 
ah you know what i like
i even like you sometimes
i do you know i do sometimes
but ha ha ha  i'm kidding you
can't stop laughing now
my insides immaculate ejaculate 
the great laughter in the sky boiling over
into the mad river burning me bad so bad
third degree but please don't stop now
don't stop it now
i can't possibly stop it now
i love you too much
i love you like a witch
i love you like when i make a switch
when i switch off the lights
when i find
your world's a mess 
in everthing i kiss 
the world's a mess