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I didn't begin to want to write until relatively late in life. Something was missing the first 28 years. Then I found myself (yes!) to be one of the few lucky: a love for writing short stories, but I think I enjoy the craft, in large part, because perfection is forever out of reach. That no matter how many good stories I hope to write (or think I have written), what continues to propel me is a healthy dose of inadequacy. (I always feel slightly inadequate when I read a terrific story.)

Why do you write?

Turning a single phrase can make my day. Heck, my year.

It's the one place I feel I can be most honest.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Richard Ford, Jennifer Pashley, Mary Miller, Raymond Carver, Leonard Cohen, Amy Hempel, Gary Moshimer

billy robinson's Wall

Meg Pokrass – Aug 27, 2011

you made my day. thank you so much.

James Lloyd Davis – Apr 29, 2011

Billy, thanks for the fave and the insightful comment on "The Rising."

M.H. – Apr 29, 2011

Hi Billy - Thank you so much for your nice words on "The Last Swim" :)!

Christian Bell – Apr 28, 2011

Thanks, Billy, for your comments on "Jump"!

Thomas Pluck – Apr 09, 2011

Thank you for your overly kind comments on Put it Where it Doesn't Belong :)

Susan Tepper – Apr 08, 2011

Billy, thanks for what you wrote about "gum", it made me feel really good!

Mark Reep – Mar 18, 2011

Hi Billy, thanks for reading Snowdick, and for your comments on the language in the piece. Much appreciated!

Susan Tepper – Dec 26, 2010

Billy thanking you for the comments you made on "forest in the early morning" and wishing you a good new writing year!

Kim Conklin – Dec 23, 2010

Glad to help! Have fun on fictionaut!

Roberta – Dec 23, 2010

Thank you for the kind and perceptive reading of 'Gift,' Billy. I was absolutely aiming for a 'meter' that echoed the footsteps and forward movement of the scene itself. So..I'm glad that came across, and thank you for noticing it!


Kim Conklin – Dec 22, 2010

Thanks for the lovely comment on Things Left Unsaid, billy! I'm glad you liked it, and welcome to fictionaut! There are a lot of cool people here.

Robert Vaughan – Nov 18, 2010

Welcome to Fictionaut, Billy!

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