Big Money in Poetry!

by Jerry Ratch

Perhaps you have heard the rumors of big money in poetry

Maybe that's why everybody is writing it these days

Even Emily Dickinson must have heard these rumors

Myself, I suspected as much 50 years ago

And started early to accumulate my hoard of poems

So I would have a huge retirement

And you can see how that is paying off, big time

With all this cash flow we're going to be melting icebergs around here

And if we're not careful, we'll have enough to fund a new state

The great state of Art

We can file a new Declaration of Non-dependence

We will throw tea bags in the San Francisco Bay

And drink only coffee from South American countries

We will begin minting our own coins

Well, maybe just use found pennies from the sidewalk

That kids and bums ignore

We can buy us a new tent and start by shaving off a beard or two