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Location Topanga Canyon, California
Occupation writer
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About Me

Writer since 1968. Published four books of poetry,one of book short stories, also featured in over fifty magazines and anthologies. Worked as screen writer, taught screen writing in USC film school, optioned two screen plays, worked as broken leg man(fixing scripts) for cash. Active in North Beach poetry scene in the seventies. Recently gave poetry readings in Paris & Lyon with four other poets as part of "Baby Beat" invitation tour. Currently working on novel set in New Mexico and California in the 1870's.

Travel extensively. Last published book( 'The Centaur's Son', Mercury House Press.. see Amazon Reviews) contains thirteen short stories set in nine different countries. I speak Spanish, French a smattering of German and my native dialect..Geordie.

Born in Hexham, England, immigrated to Canada where I lived on a Cree reservation before moving to the USA in 1956. Worked on farms and ranches, between Eastern Washington and Belize. MFA from UC Irvine 1971. Checkerboard assortment of international travel and work experience for fifteen years...finally retired from teaching in 2008 after 23 years. Enjoy sea kayaking, greenhouse gardening, soccer, making and drinking wine.

Happily Married to Rita George. Two adult children.

Why do you write?

My creativity seems to be fueled by an assortment of forces, the poems by some strange
visitation sometimes initiated by any number of powerful emotions in combination with a strong embrace of the process and "carpentry" of " language charged to the utmost degree." I believe deeply in craft, craftsmanship and the deepened possibilities of language that are created by an alchemy of spontaneity, craft, conscious intention and the overall magic of making. I also am fascinated by language and myth. My father was a coal miner and I was raised in a very small country village in Northumberland, England. I came to America dreaming of becoming a cowboy and worked on several ranches, mostly mixed wheat and cattle spreads and a few dedicated cow operations.

Any favorite authors? Books?

My interest began('exploded', might be a better description) during an inspired performance given by Robert Bly in 1969. It was my first exposure to a poetry reading. Later I connected with Gary Snyder who I also continue to admire. I moved to the Sierra Foothills near his residence where I participated in the Ridge poetry scene and edited Beatitudes in North Beach.Inspired by Garcia Lorca in 1963 I went to Spain, then to Paris inspired by a wannabe bohemian existential urge. I appreciate a diversity of poets and writers but in fiction seem inclined toward western novels (Cormac McCarthy)and historical novels. I still enjoy Shakespeare and am seem influenced by imagistic poetry and also by shamanic cultures which I have studied extensively. Devoted environmentalist.

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Robert Vaughan – Mar 27, 2011

Welcome to F'naut, Philip! Hope you enjoy it here!

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Welcome aboard, Matey!

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Jerry Ratch – Mar 21, 2011

A hearty welcome, Philip!

Philip Daughtry – Mar 21, 2011

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