In the Life

by Jerry Ratch


You had autumn in your hair 

I liked the way you sat at a table 

And drank champagne 

My past years have carried me 

To sixteen countries 

Christ, we have so much to share 


Listen, I know how the other half lives 

And we can't live like that anywhere 

We don't live off the fat of the land 

And we don't wear party hats 


I used to be like you 

And knew almost everyone in the in-crowd 

But I also saw the backside of the Statue of Liberty 

When I was in New Jersey once 

While her skirt it was lifted up 

During a hurricane 


And it was driving us insane 

Because she was so medieval and delicious 

And no one grew suspicious 

As we went driving past again and again 

But every eye was on her finery and her ass 

And some of us were thinking: Just delicious 

And God, you know, I was one 

I was one, I was one