by Jerry Ratch









I took her out to a drive-in movie and we had sex in the back seat of my car. Then went into the concession stand to get something sweet after so much sex, and everyone was in there doing the same thing, you could tell by the flushed look on their faces. 


Then I drove her home after the movie, and we got into the back seat after we parked right in front of her house with her husband, Jim, and her kids inside with the baby-sitter who was an old girlfriend of mine who lived on the same block as them. 


And my date went down on me again in the back seat of my car, right in front of her house, and she was so hungry for more that I came in her mouth and she swallowed it, and then she said, “Well, that was fun.” And she straightened herself up and got out and went to her front door and looked back at me with a smile before going inside. 


And inside she was still smiling and the baby-sitter asked her what she was smiling about and she told my old girlfriend that she was in love, and the kids thought she meant with their father. But she didn't.