Brianne Fidgety

Location Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation X-ray tech
IM (AIM) Miss Fidgety

About Me

I'm Fidget, and I have a nametag that says I'm the queen of Pittsburgh. I am proficient at using semicolons, and I dislike things that do not register on film. I enjoy making instruments of death from things I find at Family Craft Warehouse; I put the "personal" in "antipersonnel device".

Why do you write?

Coffee used to fuel my creativity until almost every doctor in the world told me that I couldn't handle it anymore. I no longer have an issue with quantity of literary output; rather, I must be careful to make sure the thunderstorms in my head don't spontaneously make my heart stop.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Ray Bradbury, H.P. Lovecraft, Kurt Vonnegut, Philip K. Dick, Lord Byron, Allen Ginsberg, Franz Kafka, Henry Rollins, Mary Shelley, Roger Zelazny, Mervyn Peake

Brianne Fidgety's Wall

Susan Tepper – Jul 02, 2010

Brianne, thanks for starting Horrortap Group--- this will be fun

Susan Gibb – Jun 24, 2010

Brianne, have you submitted your work anywhere? You have a true gift because you have a firm grip on the skill of writing, the imagination of good creative story, and the experience behind you that has dug deep into your soul. You are good.

Susan Gibb – Jun 24, 2010

Fantastic writing, Brianne. Welcome to Fictionaut.

James Lloyd Davis – Jun 22, 2010

Thanks, Brianne, for the comment on "Not with a bang..." Glad you went the distance.

Myra King – Jun 21, 2010

Re my poem: I hope they approve, Brianne! Say a squeak hello to them from me!

Matt Dennison – Jun 21, 2010

January 22--

That's a GOOD day.
--Sam Cooke

Myra King – Jun 08, 2010

Welcome, Brianne!

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