The Hors d’oeurves Plate at the OH Townhouse, Eureka

by Jerry Ratch

They got slices of greasy salami

On top of round mini carrots, celery

Pepperoncini, slices of sweet pickles

They got cinder block walls

A Tiki Bar with glasses hanging

Upside down from the stemware over the bar


They got wood paneling, cottage cheese ceiling with sparkles

But people normally leave the carrots and celery on their plates here

They got upwards of 49 motels in town

Most with no rooms available

Because they're filled with ex-cons from San Francisco

Who were given a one-way ticket when released from jail


The dope problem, crack cocaine, etc.

Is insane and out of control

Don't go anywhere near the Southern part of town

After dark, is what they tell you


But those hors d'oeurves plates at the OH Townhouse

Can't be beat

The slices of greasy salami, pepperoncini, and sweet pickles

Who don't like those?


Cinder block walls thick with graffiti

A bubbling fish tank with no visible fish

And that cottage cheese ceiling, with sparkles yet!


It was like mom and pop bars in basements out of the 60's

With red vinyl booths and low acoustic ceilings

Right out of the heart of Chicago

And who, I say, who, doesn't like those?