Susan Schultz

Location NYC
Occupation Publisher

About Me

After 25 years of selling software and a mid-life crisis that prompted me to change everything in my life. I embarked on a journey that had me basically living out of my car for 2 years, dealing with a teenager with some major issues and wondering how I ended up unemployed and living with my Mother. Enter, Anika Kunik, my friend for 27 years, beautiful, talented, big breasted and multi-lingual. She had switched from screen plays to novels and was writing a very funny, extremely truthful tale of love, lust, disappointment, hope, and continued romanticism in the face of some mind boggling relationships and brief trysts. Thus was born Forty-Five and 1/2 Lovers, the tragic sex chronicles of Amanda Buffington. It's waiting to be a best seller - it really is that good! and I am now a publisher, editor, promoter and the books biggest fan.

Why do you write?

It may seem trite but life fuels my creativity - everything really is funny, people provide constant fodder, twists and turns abound and publishing a book about sex invites conversations and confessions that astound.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - One Hundred Years of Solitude
Charles Dickens - Great Expectations
George Elliott - The Mill on the Floss
Meir Shalev - The Blue Mountain
Salman Rushdie - Midnight's Children
Sheri Tepper - Beauty
Anika Kunik - Forty-Five 1/2 Lovers, the tragic sex chronicles of Amanda Buffington

Susan Schultz's Wall

Matt Dennison – Apr 20, 2010

How big *are* they?

Darryl Price – Apr 20, 2010

Great to have you with us!

Gary Percesepe – Apr 19, 2010

that's quite a story, susan.

carry on . make a million.


Jerry Ratch – Apr 19, 2010


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