Our Last Night at the Nunnery Motel 2.0 in Milano

by Jerry Ratch


They make you work 

For your pizza in Italy 

You have to slice it yourself 

While wearing a gas mask 

To ward off the cigarette smoke 

From every neighboring table 

While chasing away the 

Mosquitos and the pigeons 

The flies and the gypsy rabble 


And on our last night in Milano 

We stayed out near the airport 

At Motel 2.0 

We slept on half a pillow 

Though they did give 

Good apricots and towels 

Really it was 

More like a nunnery 

Than a motel 


Well it was Motel 2.0 after all 

But talk about weird dreams 

In the nunnery, Oy vey

Yea, for I have seen

The Father, the Son

And the Holy Toast 

But in that room

We didn't even have

Bare bones to gnaw on

Though I could have sworn

I smelled the ghost

Of someone's burnt toast