Lucky Strike

by Tim G. Young

I feel like a cigarette
if I had one
I'd smoke it
Not smoking is cool
but so is smoking
though I don't smoke

If I had one
I'd smoke it
Now I'm talking 
about a joint
some reefer
I smoke reefer
there is none on hand
or even in the pipe

I like the smoke going in
but I like it even more
when it's coming out
because I can see it
I know where its been
a deeper part of me

Some day I might have 
another cigarette
the ones with tobacco
Just think how valuable tobacco is
It has quite a history

Even not so long ago
a history
like the Lucky Stike advertisement
on the Jack Benny program
the other night

The guy disrobed the paper
from the tobacco and it still
held its shape!
That is good tobacco
in my opinion
In my opinion if I was going
to have a cigarette
then I would smoke a Lucky Strike 

That's a slogan
part of the Lucky Strike mystique
One time ago absolutely everybody
knew what those letters meant
now probably not so many
So I'll give it away
Lucky Strike
Means Fine Tobacco 
or as we used to say in
Junior High School
Loose Straps Mean
Flabby Tits
What a laugh
one might say
but then there was no

Now it's time
to move on to another topic
except I just thought of the
hollow sticks I (we) would smoke
when I was a kid
They were harsh but 
they grew wild out in the
back yard
Free smoke
that's what this is
really all about